Office Cleaning Services

Clean space clear mind

We provide complete Office cleaning and disinfection services that keep your facilities looking fresh and clean, and helps you maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for your staff and visitors!

Cleaning is not only essential for keeping your workspace looking beautiful, but also for safeguarding the health and well-being of the employees that spend many hours there each day. Surfaces are known to accumulate dirt and often contain high germ levels, which can result in the rapid spread of illness. Especially now, during this difficult time of COVID-19, the spread of pathogens through surfaces is a bigger concern than ever, but it can be mitigated with the help of highly skilled professional cleaning services like Bettenca. We serve Toronto and the GTA and offer complete Office, Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Services.

Office Cleaning Services

Why you need office cleaning services

Office spaces contain numerous high touch surfaces like door knobs, chairs, light switches, keyboards and computer mice, to name a few. These surfaces, as well as various other high-touch surfaces, accumulate a lot of germs! That is why it must be cleaned regularly, and it makes sense to offload this duty onto professionals that can handle everything for you during off-work hours. By allowing our specialized cleaning team to take care of every inch of your office.